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Addressing the Climate Crisis

The climate of Earth is changing, imperiled by the relentless emission of greenhouse gases from our advancing civilization. The Arctic sea ice cover is disappearing, creating land and sea conditions never experienced in human history. Sea levels are rising, imperiling coastal communities where much of humanity resides. Precipitation patterns are changing, resulting in long periods of drought, imperiling our sources of food and reducing habitable locations. In an essay, The Climate Crisis. A Time of Peril.  A Time to Act., COSPAR President Len Fisk calls upon all nations to address the climate crisis, with urgency, deliberately, and with guidance provided by science, for our sake and that of all future generations.  The essay is published here, in the August issue of Space Research Today (SRT), A Forum for Discussion, and in the latest COSPAR News, Issue 9, with the expectation that it will result in discussion and comments.

New COSPAR Panel on Social Sciences and Humanities (PSSH)

COSPAR, the Committee on Space Research, has created in June 2021 a Panel on Social Sciences and Humanities (PSSH), aimed at giving itself a role commensurate with the current challenges of space activities, in terms of their interaction with society at large, and gaining increased visibility outside the regular space science community. A second, equally important objective, is to offer space activities as one subject of interest and research to social science and humanities scholars and practitioners, with the aim of better understanding the perception of space activities by society, and of highlighting the corresponding stakes relating to these activities [...]

Watch the Video - Keeping our World(s) Pristine - The Role of COSPAR's Panel on Planetary Protection

See the new video about the work of COSPAR's Panel on Planetary Protection.

5th COSPAR Symposium

COSPAR will hold its fifth Symposium in Singapore, 17 - 21 April 2023, with a focus on Space Science with Small Satellites.  Information on the scientific program is available at Local Organizing Committee (LOC) website, for information on registration, accommodation and other matters, is open at